• Counseling and mentorship provided by a Graduate Coach and a University Doctor Faculty Member (current professional in your field of application)
  • Academic planning (coursework) & strategy for application process –Post-Bacc Application NOT INCLUDED!
  • Three Personal Statement Reviews
  • Review of up to Seven Applications & Secondary Essays per application
  • Two-time Interview Skills Preparation & Mock Interview
  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Meetings (as necessary; In-person meetings & interviews upon request)
  • Advising & outline for professional graduate exam (MCAT, DAT, LSAT, etc.)
  • One Letter of Recommendation Enhancer & Review
  • One-time Extracurricular, Research, or Clinical (or Relevant) Experience Enhancer for Application Resume (pertinent to applying profession)
  • Discounted opportunities for International Medical/Humanitarian Missions
  • Discounted opportunities for clinical or non-clinical certification programs pertinent to applying profession