Ready for the next step after receiving your Bachelor Degree? We are here to help you on your way to getting your Doctorate or Master’s Degree. Finding the school and preparing your application can be tough. Let the University Doctor Team help you by linking you with a Career/College Specialist to get you on your way to next degree!


Perform very well in all Pre-Requisite Courses for your relevant graduate subject (having a high subject GPA or overall GPA)

Score very well on the GRE Subject Examination (80th-90th percentile)

Obtain up to Three Letters of Recommendation from faculty/staff who know you well and can speak highly of your work ethic and desire to pursue a graduate degree in a related discipline.

Have strong laboratory or relevant experience in the field of study.

Plan out your 4 year or extended plan for classes & studying – and apply on time!

Be well rounded and show passion in non-medical opportunities shaped around community and leadership!

Create a unique personal statement which speaks clearly of your passion to pursue your graduate program or doctoral program. This personal statement should easily distinguish you from another applicant.

Practice proper interview skills and techniques

Engage in academic research & publication work relevant to your field.

Seek the right counselors and mentors to keep you on track, motivated, and ready to become an expert in your field.

Having any trouble with the above? We can give you the academic prescription you need to be a competitive applicant. With our team of graduate coaches & admissions experts, we are able to increase your relevant experience, academic planning, scores, and LORs.

It is never too late for anyoneThere are numerous alternatives to graduate schools and paths that will allow you to still become a Master’s candidate or PhD candidate. Whether they are extended program, or seeking a competitive post-bacc, we will get you there!